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Mark is a hands-on engineering leader who enables companies to build valuable software faster and better.

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After a number of years off (almost a decade of ‘quiet’ due to family activities), I am trying again to give useful insights from my background. Although a background is hard to quantify, some salient aspects are:

  • I am a very open-minded multilingual computer programmer, where Smalltalk, Fortran, Java, Ruby, Perl, Self, Flex, Lisp, SQL, and other languages are all very comfortable to me. I have built big systems in Java, Smalltalk, Flex, Perl, SQL, GemStone, etc. And smaller (or just easier :-)) systems in the other languages
  • I have worked in many kinds of roles and at all levels of “peonship” and management… and try my best to help everyone do a great job for whatever endeavor we are undertaking.
  • I am multi-cultural and have a Chinese family, lived in India, currently live in Palo Alto, but am originally from Quaker Philadelphia
  • I went to Bryn Mawr college (excellent male-female ratio), graduated in Engineering from Caltech (not quite so good a ratio but have a good catch from there), and studied Business, Graphic Design, Chinese, etc. at UCLA

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